Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

glue guns
Glue guns

Rather than use a cyanoacrylate or superglue, I use hot glue to keep the connections in place.  I used to have a negative perception of using hot glue because it seemed amateur and trashy. After having dismantled many Furbies and Talking Elmos, I see it frequently makes it in the final product.  I’ve since reconsidered, and now, I like hot glue because it is convenient and can be removed later if there is a need to check a connection or replace a part.

Furby and Friends.jpg
Inside Furby and Elmo


Elmer’s Glue-All (All-Purpose) and School Glue

Diffusing and attaching the lights to a project:  Hot glue is the default, commonly and conveniently comes in both clear and milky white!  I also use Elmer’s All Purpose Glue because it comes in white and dries mostly clear, seals surfaces, allows most paints, glitters, powders, and such to be added for effect.


RGB Torches


DIY Fountain



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