COVID-19 Quarantine Dalek

I had been planning to build a full-sized replica of a Dalek prop from the original television series Doctor Who for over twenty years!  Even more specifically, I really like the look of the Tom Baker era and the originals from the William Hartnell time period.

I collected parts that I knew I would need to eventually build the thing.  I would fixate on a specific way of accomplishing a step.  For example, I needed to find the right wood for the skirt section, or the right plastic for the shoulders.  I thought everything needed to be of a material either others have used or that sounded best.  I didn’t take enough time to consider if it was absolutely necessary to move forward as planned.  At that time, it wouldn’t have occurred to me to stop and think about other ways of doing and accomplishing the task.   Maybe I could just use simpler, less expensive, and less difficult to work with materials such as cardboard, glue, and plasters.


I happened to have several old boxes, many were USPS: United States Postal Service boxes that were no longer suitable for mailing.  I layered cardboard to between 1/2 – 1″ thick sheets using Elmer’s All-Purpose Glue and water.

I then drew out the parts to scale onto the cardboard sheets using a ruler and measuring tape.  Cut out the parts using extreme care while operating a small box cutter with many, many, cuts.  Over and over again a little at a time.  I tried to be patient, hoping each time that the blade wouldn’t slip and I wouldn’t slice into the flesh of my hand.  That’s the worst.  When you cut yourself, you know the blood is coming, but you don’t want to stop the work.  Hurry to finish before the blood makes a mess!


I’m still working on the shoulder belts.  More to come.

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